PAWBEE LED Dog Collar - 1 Cuttable Custom Dog Collar Light, Good for Small & Large Dogs - Light Up Dog Collars With 3 Bright Colors for Night Safety - Rechargeable Pet Collar Last for 5 Hours at Once

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Stay Visible: Stay Safe

Early morning walks don’t have to mean having your heart in your mouth; late-night walks don’t have to be filled with anxiety each time you see a car driving down the corner. Here’s your ticket to total peace of mind: our extra-bright LED dog collar! Simply hang it around your pup’s neck, press a button, and watch your furry buddy stand out in the dark with a spectacular serving of color. You can choose between 3 separate solid colors or opt to cycle through them all. No more fear; just lots of fun.

Experience the Difference

Not all light-up dog collars are created equal. Most are either too big, too small, or easily slip off as your dog goes happily wild. We’ve done things differently. Thanks to an innovative adjustable tube design, you’ll never have to contend with a poor fit. Whether you have a beefy pit bull, a rambunctious beagle, or an adorable little pug, this LED collar will fit. Just place it around your pet’s neck, estimate the size, and snip the tube with scissors to create a custom, comfy collar.

Here are more reasons to love this collar:

  • Lasts for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

  • Rainproof to complement all times of the year.

  • Designed to be rugged for impressive durability.

  • Takes just about an hour to fully top up the battery.

  • Comes with a bonus USB cable for fuss-free charging.

  • Has a lightweight, round, and flexible build for comfort.

  • Go ahead, keep your pup visible and your mind at peace!
    • NIGHT WALKS MADE SAFER - Whether it’s an early morning jog or a late-night walk with your pooch, our lighted dog collar keeps your pup bright & visible. Choose between 3 solid, vibrant colors or transition through all 3, all with the easy press of a button.
    • MADE TO LAST - This isn’t your regular LED dog collar. Unlike other light-up dog collars that easily break when tugged on or bitten, ours stands out with a durable Rainproof tube design. So, even if your pet decides to give it a chew, our dog night light will live to see another day.
    • FOR ALL DOG BREEDS - No more worrying about which size to order. Our durable dog collar measures 28” long, ready to be trimmed to perfectly fit your four-legged pal. Simply place it around your dog’s neck to estimate the size, snip it with scissors, and enjoy a proper fit.
    • LASTS FOR HOURS - Go ahead, indulge the night, our light-up pet collar is designed to go the distance! It can last up to 5 whole hours on a single charge. And when it’s time to re-charge it, one hour is all it takes. We’ve included a USB cable as a bonus for fuss-free charging.
    • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - Comfort is what separates our glowing dog collar from all the rest. Thanks to a lightweight build, round shape, and flexible material, your pup stays comfy as they have a blast outdoors. Grab extra collars as thoughtful gifts other dog owners will love!
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