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30” X 24” Honeycomb Design Litter Mat - Double-Layer Cat Mat Litter Rug - Non Slip Large Litter Box Mat - Easy Clean Litter Trapping Mat - Waterproof & Washable Litter Trapper
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  • PREMIUM QUALITY, SAFE & STRATEGIC MATERIAL – The PAWBEE cat litter box mat is made with durable material. The honeycomb design top layer is made of non-toxic EVA material. The lower layer also features non-toxic EVA material. The 3 sides are tightly sealed together with high quality Waterproof PU leather to ensure that nothing will slip through the edges. Neither dry or wet.
  • STRATEGICALLY SIZED (30’’ X 24’’) – The Cat litter mat has been made large enough to collect and accommodate as much cat litter as possible from your cat’s paws when it gets out of the litter box. Yet small enough to not clutter your house.
  • SAFE NON-SLIP DESIGN – The bottom layer of the litter rug is completely non slip to ensure you and your kittens safety. Your kitty can safely walk on the rug without the risk of slipping and falling. And you don’t have a fair of letting it sit on its place on the floor knowing that you won’t trip over it.
  • EASY CLEAN DESIGN – The PAWBEE kitty litter mat has a double-layer design completely closed from 3 sides with a pocket opening. The Kittie litter mat collects all the dirt from the cat into the small holes, Then You can just pick up the mat, tilt the opening side towards the litter box.
  • COMPLETELY WATERPROOF – The PAWBEE Cat litter mat is completely waterproof from all the sides and all edges. So it will not absorb any liquid or cat urine that can leak through the fabric and stain your floor, and you won’t have to worry of stinky build up on the mat. Everything will easily slide down when you pour the litter in to the box.

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