2 Pack Dog Car Headrest Seatbelts

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2 Pack Durable Nylon Dog Seat Belts, with Reflective Elastic Bungee for Safety - Adjustable Dog Seatbelt Fits All Your Cars & Pets – Ideal As Pet Seatbelt + Leash
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  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - Easily fit this dog seatbelt around your vehicle’s headrest and keep your dog safe while in the car. It features a lockable hard plastic buckle for easy locking, and is fully adjustable to fit around the head rest of all vehicle models and trucks of all sizes.
  • MADE FOR CONVENIENCE - Unlike other dog seat harnesses that break with a little force, our dog seatbelts for cars are made from tough nylon for extra strength and durability. The hard plastic clasp is strong enough to keep large dogs restrained, and an elastic section in the harness prevents hard jerks keeping dogs safe and comfy.
  • DISTRACTION-FREE DRIVING - Keep your pet from climbing onto lap or into the front seat while you are driving with this pet car seat belt. It allows you to remain concentrated on the road, and is a must-have pet accessory for you if you love bringing your dog for a drive.
  • KEEP YOUR DOG INSIDE THE CAR - Enjoy driving with your windows down without worrying about your dog jumping out whenever they get excited. Our seat belt allows them to stand, sit, lie down, or even look out the window while keeping them safe.
  • DOUBLES AS A LEASH - No need to bring an extra dog leash when going for a drive. This dog seatbelt tether attaches to your dog’s collar or harness thanks to a 360° rotation metal buckle. Adjustable buckles allow you to adjust the length from 19” to 26.5” making it an ideal leash for walking your dog.



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