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Efficient scooping

We know how frustrating it is when your litter scooper does not get the job done, and that’s why we bring you this heavy duty cat litter scooper. It is comfortable
to hold, and works perfectly for different kinds of cats and ferrets as well. Our litter scoop lets you dig out the big clumps with ease while reducing time, effort
and strain on your wrist. The scoop is made from solid aluminum with enclosed sides designed to minimize scatter of litter. We know you are going to love it.

Bigger and better

We have carefully designed this litter scooper with generous depth and a wide scoop mouth to ensure you comfortably remove greater quantities of litter at
a time. Our cat litter scooper features a non-stick surface that helps you get the job done faster. It is also rust and corrosion resistant for long-lasting
use. Even the wettest and sticky messes will slide off the scoop with ease as you dispose of the waste. With a faster sifting capability, it will only take
two minutes to get the job done!

Here’s why our cat scooper is your best choice

✔Non Stick plated to help with faster cleaning.

✔Super deep shovel with reinforced front edge

✔Designed with ergonomic handle that never bends or break.

✔Provides maximum coverage in your cat's litter box.

✔Allows for a thorough super-fast cleaning

Get this scoop and give your kitten a clean and hygienic living environment with less effort.

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  • EXCELLENT DEEP SHOVEL SIFTER - No more spending endless hours trying to clean your litter box! Measuring 13.5”inches-long and 2-inch-deep, this sturdy litter scoop is equipped to capture large clumps and scoop out more waste at once. And with a comfortable 7.5” non-slip handle you will clean your litter box in seconds!
  • NON-STICK COATING - This exceptional cat litter scoop is designed to make poop scooping a breeze! Our kitty litter scooper is designed with a proprietary non-stick material allowing wet, sticky messes to easily slide off during disposal, and features non-stick properties that help prevent rust and corrosion.
  • MADE TO LAST - Unlike most plastic kitty litter scoops that easily bend and break, our metal litter scoop features solid cast aluminum ensuring durability and incredible strength. The hardened ergonomic grip offers you a more comfortable touch allowing you to filter the cat litter with a simple shake!
  • CLEANING MADE EASIER - You will absolutely love using this high-quality cat litter scooper. It is effective for cleaning and capturing dirty and wet clumps. With every scoop, the 5.5” inches wide shovel with the reinforced front edge, keeps your kitty’s litter box fresh and completely clean!
  • EASY STORAGE - We have equipped our kitty scooper with a hook to ensure convenient storage after each use! To clean the poop scoop simply wash the scooper in a utility sink or outdoors with a garden hose. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get this cat litter scoop with the confidence of a 100% satisfaction guarantee!



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