PAWBEE Dog Slip Rope Leash – 6ft Long Comfort Nylon Heavy Duty Dog Leash

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Exceptional Quality

Our dog leash is made using ultra-strong mountain climbing rope made from sturdy nylon. It is a waterproof and weatherproof dog training leash that will not fray easily
​or degrade from exposure to the elements. The dual dog leash offers you outstanding reliability and extra-long use irrespective of the size of your pet. It is perfect for you
and your pet’s favorite outdoor adventures, a great way to enjoy quality time with your favorite furry friends.

Outstanding comfort

This leash is 6 feet long and 0.5 inches thick making it great for walking or running your dog. It has a smooth finish that’s comfortable on your hands so you can maintain a good
​firm grip even on the longest walks. It is also comfortable on your dog’s neck, so you do not need to use a collar with this leash. Its adjustable slipknot makes it an all-around
​leash that fits small, medium, and large dogs alike.

More reasons to love our lightweight slipknot dog leash:

✔Made of durable high-quality mountain climbing rope or extra longevity

✔Slipknot design makes it perfect for small and large dogs

✔Perfect training leash designed for dogs that like to pull

✔Convenient 6FT length with handle great for walking or running

✔Durable Ant-Rust Zinc Alloy metal loop for rust and corrosion resistance

✔Features reflective threads for added safety when outside at night

Get this heavy-duty adjustable pet leash to enjoy great outdoor adventures with your furry friend.
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