Dog Slip Rope Leash

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Exceptional Quality

Our dog leash is made using ultra-strong mountain climbing rope made from sturdy nylon. It is a waterproof and weatherproof dog training leash that will not fray easily
​or degrade from exposure to the elements. The dual dog leash offers you outstanding reliability and extra-long use irrespective of the size of your pet. It is perfect for you
and your pet’s favorite outdoor adventures, a great way to enjoy quality time with your favorite furry friends.

Outstanding comfort

This leash is 6 feet long and 0.5 inches thick making it great for walking or running your dog. It has a smooth finish that’s comfortable on your hands so you can maintain a good
​firm grip even on the longest walks. It is also comfortable on your dog’s neck, so you do not need to use a collar with this leash. Its adjustable slipknot makes it an all-around
​leash that fits small, medium, and large dogs alike.

More reasons to love our lightweight slipknot dog leash:

✔Made of durable high-quality mountain climbing rope or extra longevity

✔Slipknot design makes it perfect for small and large dogs

✔Perfect training leash designed for dogs that like to pull

✔Convenient 6FT length with handle great for walking or running

✔Durable Ant-Rust Zinc Alloy metal loop for rust and corrosion resistance

✔Features reflective threads for added safety when outside at night

Get this heavy-duty adjustable pet leash to enjoy great outdoor adventures with your furry friend.
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  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Our slip lead dog leash is designed to be customizable making it an ideal leash for all dog sizes. An adjustable slipknot design allows for a superbly comfortable fit around small, medium, and large dogs, eliminating the need for an extra collar or harness.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE - Unlike competing dog leashes that wear out quickly over time, our large heavy-duty rope leash for dogs is made from thick nylon rope for maximum resilience. It also comes with a metal loop made of strong Zinc alloy that is resistant to rusting or corrosion. It is an unchewable dog leash making it perfect for your lead dog, and is also tough enough to use as a mountain climbing rope.
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES - Our dog leads for walking measures 6ft long, allowing your pet enough freedom and comfort when out for a walk or run. The leash has a finely textured nylon finish that’s comfortable on your hands making all your outdoor experiences comfortable and fun for you and your pet.
  • PERFECT TRAINING LEASH - This is a great dog training leash for dogs that love to pull away. Whenever the dog pulls on it, the slipknot tightens and will only loosen once the dog obediently comes back under your control making this an ingenious way to correct dog behavior with consistency.
  • BETTER VISIBILITY AT NIGHT - Our dog walking training collar features reflective threads that provides better safety in darkness. It is a handy extra safety feature for when you are outdoors with your dog at night or early morning. Add to Cart now and keep your pet under control with ease.



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