PAWBEE Dog Seat Belt - 2 Pack Upgraded 3-in-1 Easy Clip Dog Seatbelts

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Protects You and Your Dog
Our pet car seatbelt is designed to help keep your pet in their seat away from you, and away from the center console during car rides. It ensures your dog is perfectly protected at all times in case of sudden car maneuvers or even in the unlikely event of an accident. It also helps prevent playful pets from hopping out and running off whenever you open the door or roll down your windows. This perfectly adjustable car harness can be adapted to suit different dog sizes and offers you straightforward use thanks to its simple clip and hook latch and buckle that you can easily attach and detach whenever you hit the road.
Built To LastIf you are in search of a premium-quality car seatbelt for dogs, one that’s built for durability, then this is just right for you. It’s made of high-quality chew-proof nylon straps, and Rust-resistant Zinc Alloy metal buckles and clips. This car safety harness gets a thumbs up from all owners of small, medium, and large dogs, and it’s well-thought-out extra features like tangle-proof design, highly reflective night-time visibility, and rubber to help keep unused connectors in place. You can also use it as a dog walking harness for added convenience.
More reasons to love our Elastic car seatbelt for dogs
- Made of high-quality, durable chew-proof nylon straps for longer lifetime
- Easily adjustable to suit small, medium or large dogs
- Features elastic section to protect dogs from sudden brakes or sharp turns
- 360° rotating lockable swivel strip to prevent tangles
- Rustproof zinc alloy metal parts for extra strength and durability
- Multiple connection options for extra convenience
Hurry up and get this car seat belt for pets to enjoy safer and more comfortable car road trips with your dog.
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