2 Pack Round Airtag Holder

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Stay-Put Design

So, you’ve decided to fit your furry escape artist with an AirTag. Great idea! But an AirTag is only good if it can keep up with your pup running through bushes, jumping into muddy pools, and blissfully rolling around. That’s where our pet airtag collar holder comes in! Slip in your AirTag, loop it through your pet’s collar, and never have to worry about it getting lost again. It doesn’t dangle as other holders do. This means no risk of it snagging on bushes and snapping as your best pal explores away. It’s also waterproof and shockproof. So, all that roughhousing won’t make it flinch.

Comfort Epitomized

We set out to create an Apple air tag dog collar holder that never got in your pup’s way. One so comfortable they wouldn’t even realize it’s there. A sleeve that worked for small, medium, and large dog breeds - even your cat. By combining a low-profile design and super-soft liquid silicone, we managed to do just that. No chafing. No irritation. Just tail-wagging softness and body-hugging flexibility. No more choosing between peace of mind and your pet’s comfort. Get them both.

Here are more reasons to love this round airtag holder:

- Comes in a 2-pack to give you great value.

- Fit most pet collars up to 1.5” inches.

- Doesn’t cause interference or signal blocking.

- Very easy to clean; just rinse and wipe.

- Offers superior drop protection performance.

- Doesn’t make noise like dangling holders.

- Designed in navy and black for a classic look.

- Can be attached to backpacks and belts for a touch of versatility.

Get your set and keep track of your precious pet with confidence!
  • ANTI-FALL DESIGN - Here’s your ticket to total peace of mind. Unlike others that dangle, our airtag holder for dog collar slides right into the straps. The result? No annoying noise, and a secure fit for the Apple airtag as your pup runs, rolls, and lives their best furry life.
  • WATERPROOF & SHOCKPROOF - We’ve designed our round apple airtag dog collar holder to withstand the ruffest of play. It’s waterproof, shockproof, scratch-resistant, and can’t be bitten off like dangling holders - an Apple airtag dog tag holder you won’t be replacing any time soon.
  • MADE FOR COMFORT - Discover what really sets apart our dog airtag collar holder from the pack - superior comfort. It’s crafted out of liquid silicone. This makes it exceptionally soft, skin-friendly, and so flexible your cat or dog won’t even realize it’s there.
  • FITS MOST COLLARS - Whether you’re the proud human of a tiny chihuahua, beefy husky, or an adorable Maine coon, this airtag pet collar holder is made to fit. It accommodates straps up to 1.5” without compromising the tag’s functionality.
  • VERSATILITY IN PLAY - This is more than just an airtag collar holder. It can be attached to kids’ backpacks, looped onto a senior citizen’s belt, or attached to pet harnesses and leashes. Get your set and receive 2 silicone airtag sleeves in navy & black for a timeless look!
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