Cat Scratching Post & Pad

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14.5” Cat Post & Scratching Board With Soft Play Ball Toy - Natural Sisal Rope covered Scratch Post & Pad For Keeping Kittens And Cats Away From Furniture
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  • EXTRA FUN FOR CATS - The cat scratching post delivers the ultimate fun experience for your kittens. Equipped with a fuzzy playball attached to a spring and screwed to the base of the post, this toy delivers the ultimate thrill that every kitten will enjoy. It offers your cats the ideal place to claw away and play.
  • MADE TO LAST - Unlike other cat posts that cannot withstand constant scratching, ours features strong quality materials that can withstand the most aggressive kittens. The scratching surface has strong woven sisal that’s safe for cats to scratch, while the post and base are made of durable long-lasting particle boards.
  • EXTRA-FINE PLUSH FABRIC - The rest of the cat post features a soft high-quality plush fabric that provides an excellent comfortable pace for resting or just lying down. Kittens love the soft fabric because of how comfy it feels on their skin, making our scratching post the perfect relaxation point in any home.
  • STURDY POLE - Cats require strong immovable objects like tree trunks when they feel the need to scratch. Scratching posts for indoor use need to be very stable and this is exactly what we provide. Our reliable sturdy post is the place your cat can run to when they want to experience the same clawing sensation that nature offers them.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Our scratching pad and interactive cat toys are simple and take a short time to assemble. The posts and attached softball are easy to secure using four strong screws. You can quickly put the whole thing together hassle-free and in no time. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get your cat scratching post and pad with the confidence of a no-hassle, money-back guarantee!



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