32" Cat Scratching Post

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PAWBEE Cat Scratch Post Tower - 32” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Jingle Bells and Plush Balls - Sisal Cat Scratcher with Larger Base for Better Stability - Cat Scratching Posts for Indoor Cats
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  • KEEP THEM ENTERTAINED: This is more than just a kitty scratching post; it’s a recipe for hours of fun. It has 2 soft plush balls and 2 jingle bells that cats find endlessly amusing. They’ll also love the comfy plush material at the base and top that’s perfect for lounging.

  • MADE TO LAST: Strong sisal rope meets tough carpeting to create a tall scratching post for cats that withstands all that playing & clawing. We’ve also made the cat pole a cinch to assemble. Just use the strong screws to assemble the top, middle, and base of the vertical cat scratcher in no time.

  • NO MORE RIPPED FURNITURE: Keep your couch pristine, your curtains intact, and your kitty purring in pure bliss! With a pole made of sisal carpet at the bottom and sisal rope at the top, our cat scratch post allows your feline friend to claw away without ruining furniture.

  • DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE: Stability you can count on - that’s what sets apart our cat post for indoor cats from the rest. The base on our cat scratch tower is larger than most, measuring 20” (W) X 16” (D). So, as kitties claw, stretch, and jump on the post, it stays nice & stable.

  • MATCH YOUR TASTE: No dealing with a cat scratch post for indoor cats that interrupts your decor. We’ve combined a minimalist shape, two-tone design, and neutral colors to create a cat scratching post that blends into just about any room. Go ahead, discover beauty & practicality in action!




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